SNS orphans subscription cannot be deleted because sns topic no longer exist


I deleted a sns topic but there was a pending subscription connected to that topic. Now I can't delete the pending subscription, it's been there more over 5 days already. How can I delete it since I don't have aws paid support and I cannot contact the support directly.

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Hello, According to AWS the "pending subscriptions" should be automatically deleted after 3 days.

See the following KB:

Important: If an Amazon SNS topic has subscriptions that are in the Deleted or Pending Confirmation status when you delete the topic, the subscriptions can't be removed from your account manually. You must wait three days for Amazon SNS to automatically remove the subscriptions from your account. 

Unfortunately, since the subscription is already hanging there over 5 days, there is no way around aws support to solve this. But I've read a case in wich the free basic support was enough, so try your luck :)

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answered 2 years ago

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