Redshift Data API not recognized by Boto3


When creating boto3 client for Redshift Data API, I am getting the below error. "redshift-data" is not there in the list of services that boto recognizes. Any insights on why redshift data api is not yet recognized by boto3? My Runtime is Python 3.8

"errorMessage": "Unknown service: 'redshift-data'. Valid service names are: accessanalyzer, acm, acm-pca, alexaforbusiness, amplify, apigateway, apigatewaymanagementapi, <<and so on...>>..., quicksight, ram, rds, rds-data, redshift, rekognition, resource-groups, resourcegroupstaggingapi, robomaker, route53, route53domains, route53resolver, <<and so on>>

Below is my lambda code: import boto3 client = boto3.client('redshift-data')

I also tried import botocore.session as bc import boto3 session = bc.get_session() s = boto3.Session(botocore_session = session, region_name = 'us-east-1') client = s.client('redshift-data')

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The lambda function is not using the boto3 version that supports Redshift Data API. Check out this link for different options to upgrade boto3 version.

Edit: Now the boto3 version in Lambda (Python 3.8) supports Redshift Data API. You can check the runtime details from the doc

answered 4 years ago

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