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Hi, i have a problem regarding the visualization of icons in the aws managed grafana dashboard. I have setup a color rule in iot twinmaker which should change the color of a tag (the icon) when a certain state is met. The rule definitely works, because when I setup the rule to just change to a different icon, I can see the change in the scene viewer in the grafana dashboard. But if setup a color in a state, the icons are just invisible. Rule

Tag in scene

I hope this is the right place to ask.. If you need more context, please ask.

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Color rules do not apply to Tags but to 3d objects. To apply a color rule you need to add a model shader to the object you want to change the color and then configure the model shader in the same way you did for the tag.

In Scene Composer, select the object you want to add the model shader to, and then select the + icon and then Add model shader. You will see that the selected object has an additional panel in the Inspector where you can configure the entity linked to the object and the rule to apply.

answered 2 years ago

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