How to configure EC2 Instance on AWS Free tier to avoid being charged for running single instance on t2micro?


I have a sample nodeJS application running on ElasticBeanStalk on a single instance without the load balancer. I read through the Free Tier documents to make sure i am following the guidance to stay in free tier but i still keep getting these small charges despite the changes i have made. I have single instance running t2micro . I have attached the breakdown of billing below. For some reason i am charged per/hr for running t2micro in a single instance as well . Is there anything i am doing wrong? i know the charged amount is small but still it shud fall under free tier. Any help will be appreciated. I have attached the screenshot of EC2 dashboard and Billing details below Billing EC2 dashboard

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Are you sure you're in Free Tier - that your account is less than 12 months old since sign-up?

Are you sure you don't have resources in another region?

You can track your Free Tier usage as described here -

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  • Thanks . Looks like i might have accidentally signed up AWS long before i actually started using it. I have been Amazon prime member a long time , i might have signed it up back then thinking something else. The oldest bill showing up in my billing dashboard dates back to 2017. so My guess is that was when my account was signed up? Is there any other way to track this ?

  • Yes the oldest bill in the "Bills" page is a good way to tell when the account was first active.

    If you get around to it please Accept my answer to make it easy for others to find, thanks.

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