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/Restoring an EC2 Instance - the Public IP is missing/

Restoring an EC2 Instance - the Public IP is missing


Hello All. I've successfully performed a restore of an EC2 Instance using AWS Backup, however it does not have a public IP address associated with it, it only has the private IP. I understand that when creating instances you decide whether or not to have a Public IP, however when restoring there were no options for Public IP, and so I assumed it would keep that setting.

What is the proper procedure to restore an EC2 instance and allow it to keep the Public IP setting? Or how do you assign it after the restore?

Thanks Dan

asked 11 days ago53 views
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Accepted Answer

Hi Dan,

The auto-assigned public IP address associated with my Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance changes every time you stop and start the instance.

An Elastic IP address is a static public IPv4 address associated with your AWS account in a specific Region. Unlike an auto-assigned public IP address, an Elastic IP address is preserved after you stop and start your instance in a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Hope this helps

answered 11 days ago

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