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Compatability Enhancement of Corretto Java Floating Point.


I have been trying to get deeper, more serious attention for my highly important request concerning Corretto Java. The relevant posts that I have tried to submit to the Corretto team may be seen and replied to at:

We have tried to submit, among our questions and discussing, that the changes submitted in our posts are necessary error repairs (despite IEEE 754), are immediately relevant, irrespective of Corretto's position to the original OpenJDK, and that at any rate, they can be implemented in a mutual way which never need risk fragmenting the Java base, and therefore can only enhance it. Is there anyone further involved in Corretto who can affirmatively assist?

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

The proposed request is a specific change in Java and needs to be discussed with the OpenJDK community. Any changes to OpenJDK as a result of that discussion will be included in Corretto but Corretto can't differ from the Java spec.

answered 4 months ago
  • The issue of floating point errors has been raised repeatedly, before, with the JCP.

    Because of this, I am trying to approach Corretto Java to do what they alone could do, which is to implement floating point correction inside one of their patches for their Corretto Java. Can what I am submitting still be considered and taken on board? Why exactly can't Corretto issue a patch, at least, that differs from the spec, particularly in a bug area, and an incomplete area in the set of Java standards, a "blind spot"? Particularly since a patch can always be seen as optional, anyway?

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