Cloudfront support for stale-while-revalidate


Are there any plans to support the stale-while-revalidate cache in CloudFront or are there any alternatives to mimic this behavior?


There is also a very old post on AWS Forums from 2014, where this question was asked the first time

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+1 this is a pretty standard feature on most cdns just not cloudfront, so need to know if I need to be looking at alternative providers.

answered a year ago

+1. I would also very much like this feature, to be able to support Incremental Static Regeneration for our NextJS app. I can also imagine that this is really helpful for the AWS Amplify product since that also supports NextJS and I would therefor think they can use this functionality to support ISR on NextJS as well. tf-next (a zero config terraform module for hosting NextJS apps in AWS) also has GitHub issue related to this.

Overall, this functionality would be really helpful!

answered 9 months ago

+1 I've been waiting for over 4 years for this to be supported. For my purposes, it's the feature that that cloudfront is missing that makes fastly a better option for many of my applications. Cloudfront team, please support this header!!

answered 7 months ago

+1 this is a pretty standard feature...

answered 7 months ago

+1 this is absolutely required to make it feasible to deploy your NextJS site on AWS behind CloudFront as opposed to on Vercel or Netlify or other competitors.

answered 3 months ago

Hey, this really should be added as a feature. Has this been seen at any level of AWS yet?

answered 2 months ago

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