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Moving to Amazon connect


Hi Team,

One of my customer is using Asterisk cloud as their CTI solution in one of the countries they are operating. The contract is still valid and the team wants to move to AWS connect in a phased manner. Could you please suggest if AWS connect can be integrated with Asterisk cloud for time being and then completely removed once the contract ends.

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I’m not familiar with Asterisk cloud, but it sounds like it’s a contact center solution based on Asterisk. Now, there’s no out of the box integration with Asterisk, but you could maybe think about breaking up your contact center and slowly move things over. For example, start with Lex as your IVR. You don’t really need Connect to use Lex, you can just use it as a stand alone service. Next would be sending calls to a queue and those queues could live in Asterisk. Depending on what you’re doing there are other things you could migrate slowly, but you’ll have to figure that out.


answered 4 months ago

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