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Remember device to suppress MFA challenge using Cognito Hosted UI


We are currently using the Cognito Hosted UI for the authentication of our web application. For extra security we've set MFA enabled with a TOTP code. For convenience we'd like to ask our users if they want to remember their device (device tracking). However, it seems not possible to setup device tracking when users sign in using the Hosted UI. Is this true and how can we make the device tracking work, do we need to create a Custom UI?

1 Answer

Device tracking is only supported when using the SDK with USER_SRP authentication i.e. Custom UI. This isn't available via the hosted UI currently.


answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks, is this something that is on the roadmap or is it unlikely that this feature will be implemented?

  • It is probably the latter but things might change. Please consider accepting this answer if it has helped you. Thanks

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