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Using cdn with lightsail not is validating certificate


Hi people!
I'm trying use the cdn lightsail with my instance wordpress too lightsail, however I'm not can validate the my domain.
My dns zone is at, and my subdomain wordpress is So I pointing to my address ip static lightsail instance.

I need use cdn on my wordpress, however, when I going validate certificate, appears only as Validation in progress…

What's happening ?

asked 2 years ago45 views
1 Answer

That's an error CAA, see documentation AWS:
Only configure a CAA record to allow Amazon ACM to generate certs. We need to add an extra record in Vercel:
CAA 0 issue ""
Request a new ACM cert and this time it succeeds!

Thank you!

Edited by: gustavosiq on Aug 14, 2020 5:17 PM

answered 2 years ago

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