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I am processing a custom vocabulary table using the console at:

I've chosen a line from the example given

C.L.I.[TAB][TAB]sɪ ɛl aɪ[TAB]CLI`

TAB is replaced with actual tabs and line endings ending with LF

Once processed for an en-GB or en-US custom vocabulary, it fails with the error: Validation error: File contains invalid characters or format in the IPA column. Error at line 2.

If I modify the file to include extra spaces it succeeds, as in

C.L.I.[TAB][TAB]s ɪ ɛ l aɪ[TAB]CLI

This error indicates that the examples given are incorrect or outdated. Is there another way to specify the syllables of a word by grouping characters together as in the examples?

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This was an issue with the webpage examples. The examples have now been updated and now show spaces between all characters. So the issue I was initially seeing was intended behaviour, and spaces are required.

answered a year ago

The example download file that is provided also has examples without spaces for IPA:

Phrase	IPA	SoundsLike	DisplayAs
Los-Angeles			Los Angeles
F.B.I.	ɛ f b i aɪ		FBI
Etienne		eh-tee-en	
answered 8 months ago

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