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AWS LightSail Multi-Wordpress domain redirects to static-IP



these are the steps I have completed:

  1. I have configured a multi-wordpress.
  2. For one of the instances I have configured an static-ip (for instance:
  3. I have acquired a domain.
  4. In Route 53 I have added an A redirection to the static-ip
  5. In LightSail, under Networking, I have created a DNS Zone with the domain name.

I have let some time till all has been distributed and I have tested.

Test and result

When I enter the domain name in the navigator, for instance:

the result is that it redirects it to:

the question is:

what I have not completed in the right way ??

many thanks in advance, joapen

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Accepted Answer

Hi, @joapen

You need to follow the steps below to configure the primary domain with configure_app_comain.

By default, (yourip) is automatically set by the IP address tracking function.
The above procedure will stop automatic IP tracking and set the custom domain you specified.

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answered 3 months ago

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