CloudFormation error deleting ECS Service


I'm trying to delete a stack and keep getting the following error when CF tries to delete an ECS Task

Resource timed out waiting for completion (RequestToken: 89c25917-0f4a-bc05-4600-5995911a84bb)

The thing is that I can't even follow the resource Physical ID because the resource has been already deleted(even the ECS Cluster itself). I can confirm in CloudTrail that the API call to remove the service returned a 200 response.

Any ideas on how I can debug this further?

1 Answer

This happens as a result of timeout issue with ECS Service Tasks failing to get terminated in the expected time. To have overcome such issues, we recommend a two step approach:

  1. Update the Stack ECS Service Count to 0.
  2. Next delete the Stack, which should proceed with no issues.

If you would like to know more about the reason on why the tasks took longer to get terminated. I request to gather all the details of the Service and task ids with all the necessary details. Reach over to ECS Service team via a support ticket, where there are more chances of fetching the information for the issue.

Thank you!

answered a month ago

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