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Unable to Add Github Connection in CodeDeploy


Hi, I am trying to connect Github with CodeDeploy: CodeDeploy Image

When trying to setup the connection, I authorize the application and can see that it is in fact authorized in Github: Enter image description here

But the application hangs up after that point. Bug

I have cleared cache and cookies and all sort of things trying to get this to authorize. I have had a successful authorization with CodePipeline. The only thing that is different between the two auths, is that on the first auth for CodeDeploy, I cancelled the auth in the middle of the process, because I was looking to grant access to a specific repo on Github and the access looked global. I didn't realize that was going to be the next step of the process. At this point, it seems there may be something going on within the AWS system that is preventing the auth to go through.

Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.