CfCT-Amazon-Macie Deployment Failed with "CloudFormation did not receive a response from your Custom Resource" Error


I am getting error while deploying Amazon Macie integration with Control Tower using the resource. The error that happens on CustomResourceEnableMacie resource creation is as follows:

"CloudFormation did not receive a response from your Custom Resource. Please check your logs for requestId [d6bc7e35-8ae2-xxxx-yyyy-zzzz002c7323]. If you are using the Python cfn-response module, you may need to update your Lambda function code so that CloudFormation can attach the updated version."

I also noticed that Macie has been fully enabled on all the accounts (about 250 accounts) in the Organization and after a while the CloudFormation Stack fails with the above error and the Macie disabled. Any help?


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This has been fixed. The Lambda memory was increased to 256MB and timeout set to 900 and it worked.

answered a year ago

Hi, Thanks for reaching out. Could you check the logs of the enable Macie lambda function, it should contain the actual cause of the resource deployment failure and rollback.

Thank you!

answered a year ago
  • @rePost-User-2441783, the Macie lambda function is rolled back after the failure. How do I check the logs?

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