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Are there any straightforward methods available to streamline the process of transferring EBS backups or snapshots to S3 and reduce cost? EBS backup storage cost is much higher than S3 storage.

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To directly answer your question, assuming you want a straightforward way to transfer EBS backups or snapshots to S3, where you can maintain retention periods on those backups, and then have a relatively simple way to restore those backups, I personally don't believe such a feature currently exists. I would love for someone to correct us though, as I too, and many others, would take advantage of such a great cost-saving feature.

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Of course you could build this out, but it certainly would not be a simple or straightforward. If you were interested in this, you could potentially programmatically schedule a process to run that creates an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the snapshot for any backups that are of a certain age, and then store the AMI components (like the manifest file and snapshots) in S3. You can purge those after a certain time period. Similarly, you can create a process to launch the AMI for restoration, and build a simple interface to manage it all, including the various trigger and retention periods. That said, I digress!

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This is a great question, and quite honestly, a really wonderful feature request for the AWS Backup team to add orchestration for. This can be integrated into their lifecycle management capabilities, and customers stand to save more than half the long-term storage cost going this route as current AWS Backup rates for EBS (which is currently the same rate as EBS snapshots, is pegged at $0.05/gb-month). It also could add storage efficiencies for AWS on their side. It would be quite the announcement at a Re:Invent. I would suggest that you open a support ticket with this recommendation, and hopefully it gets to the PM-T over at AWS Backup to consider as part of their backlog.

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Depending upon your use-case, if snapshot is stored for compliance purpose only and very less chances of restoring it, You can choose EBS Snapshots Archive

When you archive an EBS snapshot, a full copy of the snapshot is stored in the EBS Snapshots Archive tier. This will help to reduce the cost for EBS snapshot.

Storage Cost comparison standard vs Archive is below

EBS Snapshots Storage Pricing Standard $0.05/GB-month Archive $0.0125/GB-month

Example: So for 2000 GB volume, Standard Tier will cost you $100 and Archive tier will cost you $25

**Note: ** Archive Snapshot retention period is minimum 90 days and it will cost extra for restoring it.

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answered 10 months ago

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