I cannot access my Windows EC2 Instance


My Instance has been giving me issues since I launched it. Sometimes I get access to the instance, but most times I don't. I have to either edit Route or Inbound and outbound rules before getting access. Most times the instance is so slow I can barely do a thing. Currently, the instance takes forever to open and when it does, it opens a blank page. A few minutes after, I get an error message "0xf". When I reboot my Instance and try to access it, I get this error message "We couldn't connect to the remote PC because the session couldn't be established in time. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance." Please I need help with this.

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Please try the following AWS official documentation for troubleshooting if you have not already done so. [1]

[1] Troubleshoot connecting to your Windows instance - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

There was also a QA about the same error, which I hope will be helpful. [2]

[2] Issue connect to my AWS enstance using Microsoft Remote desktop App for MAC - Microsoft Q&A

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answered 2 years ago

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