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/Free Tier in AWS Organizations Sub-Account/

Free Tier in AWS Organizations Sub-Account


Hello, does anybody know if we can use a free tier in a sub-account that is created with AWS Organizations?

2 Answers

If you are linked to an Organization (under AWS Organizations), only one account within the organization can benefit from the Free Tier offers.



answered 7 months ago

According to the free tier terms described here: "An Organization (under AWS Organizations) can only benefit from Offers from one account in the Organization, and to calculate the Organization’s use of AWS Services under any Offers, we will aggregate the usage across all accounts in the Organization."

So it looks like the free tier will apply to the organization as a whole and not for each individual account.

Additionally, "If your company creates your AWS account through AWS Organizations, AWS Free Tier eligibility for all member accounts begins on the day that the management account of the organization is created."

answered 7 months ago

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