S3 Glacier (2013) Flexible running without Bucket, want to move to Glacier Deep Archive


I have several S3 Glacier legacy /now Flexible (2013) Vaults running without any apparent Buckets attached. I want to move to S3 Glacier Deep Archive without having to offload/reload all of my data. Is there a way to accomplish this? It seems today Glacier must run via a Bucket? Yes, I am a newbie. I access my data via FastGlacier application.

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To reiterate your problem, you want to move from S3 Glacier Legacy to S3 Deep Archive without having to transfer and reload your data. Please let me know if I am misunderstanding the issue. If that is your problem, however, there is no way to move directly from S3 Glacier Legacy to S3 Deep Archive. But, there are still ways to transfer the files over using AWS services.

One way you could automate the process of transferring files is through the Amazon S3 Glacier Re:Freezer service [1]. It automatically copies entire S3 Glacier archives to an S3 bucket that you specify. You would then be able to transfer over to S3 Glacier Archive from this bucket.

Another way to automate the process of moving everything over to an S3 bucket is by using S3 lifecycle rules. You could program the rules to move everything over from S3 Glacier to a bucket, which means you wouldn’t have to offload any of your data by yourself [2].

References: https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2021/04/new-aws-solutions-implementation-amazon-s3-glacier-re-freezer/ https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/storage/using-aws-snowball-to-migrate-data-to-amazon-s3-glacier-for-long-term-storage/

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