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/POST request on .NET Elastic Beanstalk instance takes longer than GET on similar operation/

POST request on .NET Elastic Beanstalk instance takes longer than GET on similar operation


My POST requests to my Elastic Beanstalk instance take a lot longer (over a minute) than my GET requests even though I have them doing the same thing. I created an experiment where the POST request and GET request both read the same thing from my RDS service (which is in a private subnet) and the POST requests take significantly longer. Does anyone know what might be the issue here?

I deployed a .NET Core 3.1 app to an Elastic Beanstalk 64bit Windows Server Core 2019 v2.9.0 instance running IIS 10.0 on my public subnet which reads data from an RDS Postgres instance on a private subnet within a custom VPC. In order to send HTTPS requests, I have this instance behind the classic load balancer and my custom domain name has a CNAME record pointing to the load balancer DNS record.

  • Hi, We need to analyze your workload to solve the problem. Can you publish and disclose the minimum reproduction code?

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Beanstalk launches regular compute resources in your account (EC2, load balancers,...) so it's pretty unlikely that the Beanstalk itself is the cause of this behavior.

Do you have application traces that could show what the time is spent on?

answered 2 months ago

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