Cannot remove EB applications nor add environment - _underscore_ issue?



I've created two empty (with no environment) EB applications: 'dijx_WWW_1' and 'dijx_WWW_1_prod'. Now, when I try to remove them, I can't.

Similarly, when I'm trying to add environment for those apps, an error occurs:
Invalid Parameter Value
No Application named 'dijx_WWW_1' found.

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1 Answer

Figured it out by myself... that was not an underscore issue, that was heading space issue - it was not visible in app name in console, not visible in CLI aws --debug output and not visible in web console error while adding environment - it was visible however in application ARN.
Deffinitely a bug, console is not doing stripping of heading spaces - at least when create empty app (not starting from environment page)

answered 3 years ago

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