Gamelift Server API 5.0.2 Unable To Reserve A Process


Hey, I have run into an issue that isn't allowing any players to create a game session on a fleet running API 5.02 WINDOWS_2016. On the Gamelift fleet side of things, everything seems to be working as normal. I had to add a few missing binaries from OpenSSL to the packaged project for it to not fail to call Process Ready.

Upon the fleet being active, there are no signs that any of the processes are failing:

Fleet Events

I have also included a screenshot of how the server-side api calls are made in case something is wrong there:

Server API

After the player calls "CreateGameSessionAsync" they receive this error back from Amazon.

Unable to reserve a process(No active and available server processes found on the fleet)
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Pasting from this answer:

Getting FleetCapacityExceededException means that there are no game server processes running on your fleet that are available to host your gameSession. If you have enough capacity/hosts under your fleet then there is likely some issue with your server processes causing GameLift to think they are unhealthy and not available for a GameSession.

Steps to debugging further:

  1. Check the "AvailableGameSessions" metric for your fleet in cloudwatch or the GameLift Console to determine if your serverProcesses are healthy. -
  2. Check the Fleet Events in the GameLift Console for any abnormal server process terminations. -
  3. SSH (or RDP) onto the GameLift instance and try to start up your serverProcess to see if it works -
  4. Validate you're integrating correctly with the GameLift Server SDK
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