Migration of wordpress woocommerce website from Bluehost to AWS


As mentioned in the subject, I need to migrate my wordpress woocommerce website which is currently hosted on Bluehost server to be migrated on AWS server. Please help me in guiding the same step by step .

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Hi @Trenfort,

Luckily there are lots of blogs and tutorials available on the internet. The first thing though is to decide on your non-functional requirements, for example do you need high availability, or auto-recovery with a brief outage, or just a single server that needs manual fixing if it goes down? Here's some links that might help:

Basic single server - https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/hands-on/launch-a-wordpress-website/, https://aws.amazon.com/lightsail/projects/wordpress/

HA-capable - https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/partners/wordpress-high-availability-bitnami/, https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/hands-on/build-wordpress-website/

answered a year ago

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