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Redshift Copy fails due to '\' present in some of the data in my csv file


I am trying to copy csv file from S3 to Redshift table. I have few of the columns present in my csv file that contains '' in the data. Below is the sample data:





I am using below command to copy in Redhisft, but it fails:

COPY redshif_schema.redshift_table_name from 's3://bucket/folder/inputfile.csv' access_key_id '<access_id>' secret_access_key '<secret_key>' fillrecord escape delimiter as '|' IGNOREHEADER as 1 ACCEPTANYDATE emptyasnull blanksasnull maxerror 0 ;

When I check raw_line in stl_load_errors table, I see below (2 back slashes):


Can someone please help with this?

asked 2 years ago283 views
1 Answer

Redshift is interpreting the backslash as an escape since you have specified ESCAPE in your COPY.

You can try:

answered 2 years ago

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