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/SES V2 cannot send email up to 10MB/

SES V2 cannot send email up to 10MB



i have some issue on SES, i send email with SES API v2 using nodejs, but i'm send file more than 10mb and then i'm got error InvalidParameterValue: Message length is more than 10485760 bytes. i'm reading what new aws

does anyone know this problem?

1 Answers

Do you have the latest nodejs AWS SDK version? That SES release is only a couple of weeks old, and though I pretty sure the Python SDK gets updated straight away to support new API functionality, maybe there's a lag with nodejs and even the latest nodejs SDK might not support this yet.

answered 11 days ago
  • i used version "aws-sdk": "2.1133.0" but still not success for send email up to 10MB.. oh thank a lot reply my question..

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