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Private IP VPN CIDR Block(transit gateway) and Customer Gateway on the same Subnet


Can someone Please explain why does the Customer Gateway IP Address have to be assigned from the CIDR Block in the Transit GW. I think this is a typo in the document.

In Step 4: The IP address to configure in the Customer gateway should be from the Transit Gateway CIDR block we defined in Step 2, and the BGP ASN the one from your on-premises environment.

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A response would be highly appreciated, This is a new feature from AWS and any insight on the documentation would be highly appreciated. I have posted various questions regarding private VPN over the direct connect but I am yet to hear from someone who has successfully implemented this feature.

answered 12 days ago

Hi Tarun,

You are correct. Please note information provided in the blogs is subject to change depending on when it was published so its best to cross check with the actual documentation of the service.

I suggest to refer below note from the documentation:

Enter image description here

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answered 12 days ago

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