FailedInvocation when connecting eventbridge to glue workflow


I set up the resources to trigger glue job through eventbridge. But when I tested in console, Invocations == FailedInvocations == TriggeredRules == 1.

What can I do to fix it?

######### AWS Glue Workflow ############
# Create a Glue workflow that triggers the Glue job
resource "aws_glue_workflow" "example_glue_workflow" {
  name        = "example_glue_workflow"
  description = "Glue workflow that triggers the example_glue_job"

resource "aws_glue_trigger" "example_glue_trigger" {
  name = "example_glue_trigger"
  workflow_name =
  type = "EVENT"
  actions {
    job_name =

######### AWS EventBridge ##############
resource "aws_cloudwatch_event_rule" "example_etl_trigger" {
  name        = "example_etl_trigger"
  description = "Trigger Glue job when a request is made to the API endpoint"

  event_pattern = jsonencode({
    "source": ["example_api"]

resource "aws_cloudwatch_event_target" "glue_job_target" {
  rule      =
  target_id = "example_event_target"

  arn = aws_glue_workflow.example_glue_workflow.arn
  role_arn = local.example_role_arn
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I understand that you are trying to trigger Glue Workflow using EventBridge, however rule was failing to invoke the target.

  • TriggeredRules metric indicate that the rule matched an event and forwarded the event to the target.
  • Invocations metric indicate that the target was invoked by the rule
  • FailedInvocations metric indicates that there is an issue invoking the target.

FailedInvocations represent a permanent failure and might be the result of incorrect permissions or a misconfiguration of the target. I kindly request you to make sure the target IAM role has required permissions. Please refer the following documentation to learn more about IAM permissions.

[+] Starting an AWS Glue workflow with an Amazon EventBridge event

Further, make sure your IAM role also has following "Trust relationship" policy attached.

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [{
    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Principal": {
        "Service": [
    "Action": "sts:AssumeRole"

You can also consider configuring a dead-letter queue (DLQ) to troubleshoot/ debug the failed invocations issues/ avoid losing events after they fail to be delivered to a target and send all failed events to it for processing later.

[+] Event retry policy and using dead-letter queues

For detailed investigation, we would need to check the resources and the permissions in your account. If you still have queries regarding this, I would like to request you to reach out to our support team by opening a support case with all the resource details, and we will investigate the issue further.

Let me know if you have any further queries. Thank you for your interest in re:Post community.

Best Regards, Ashish


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