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How to export environment variables from a Lambda function.


Hello, I have created a Lambda function that fetched the static/hash token from the environment variables in the Configuration section. When I try to export the Lambda function using the Action > Export function, a zip file is downloaded without any configuration-related data in it. Is there a way to export the environment variables from the Lambda functions?

1 Answer

As referred in this documentation, you can obtain all the configuration details for the function through the AWS CLI like this:

aws lambda get-function-configuration --function-name <value> --output json

You can use the output to update the new function using this command:

aws lambda update-function-configuration --function-name <value> --cli-input-json <output from previous command>

You may need to change the output as needed before using it for the update-function-configuration invocation.

answered 5 months ago

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