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How to access OpenSearch from few different VPCs?


I have an OpenSearch cluster in VPC A, I need applications deployed in VPC B and VPC C to access OpenSearch in VPC A. The problem is that VPC B and VPC C have the same IP range (even the subnets have the same range and I can't change it), so I cannot do a vpc peering or use transit gateway.

A solution would be to put an Nginx proxy in VPC A and then via VPC endpoints allows applications in VPC B and VPC C to access Nginx, but I'd like to avoid to need to support the Nginx proxy.

Any other solution?

1 Answer

VPC Peering does not allow transitive routing. You can peer VPC B and C to A, this configuration does not allow VPC B to communicate to VPC C. For return traffic from VPC A to VPCs B and C you would need to configure specific routing, even down to the instance if need be. Take a look here for options and examples

answered 8 months ago

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