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Is there any page that will indicate when a service will become available in GovCloud? I know that there is a page called "AWS GovCloud (US) compared to Standard AWS Regions". This is a list of what is available in GovCloud. But, is there any page that has an ETA on when a specific service will become available in GovCloud? It also would be nice to know if there is a Service in GovCloud where specific functionality does not work yet. We recently ran into an issue where RedShift queries in GovCloud cannot be saved. Any insights are appreciated...Larry Cermak

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Unfortunately service roadmaps are not publicly available. Each service leverages customer requested enhancements and feedback to help prioritize features to be implemented.

For any given service, you may submit a support ticket requesting this information or if you have an account manager you can request information from them on these services and capabilities.

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