How do I get the ip address that is using the access key from a IAM User?


I'm making changes to the applications to no longer use IAM User but IAM Role. But there are credentials that are still in use and I can't find them easily. A factor that would help would be to see the ip address that is using it. I tried to find it through CloudTrail but I wasn't successful. Is it possible to find out the ip address?

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SourceIpAddress is available in CloudTrail, can you give a little more detail on how you tried to find it and why it didnt work or you?

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answered 11 days ago
  • I have a CloudTrail with the configuration to log all API activity. I downloaded the event history with the last access key use time window, but I didn't find anything related. Usually the last use of the key I can see in IAM which was with SQS

  • There may be temporary credentials at play. Take a look at this guide for finding user activity in CloudTrail. you should not need to download anything if the access happened within the last 90 days, you can use the CLoudTrail console to search. See

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