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Is it possible to use an mp3 or wav file as a source file in aws media package ?


Am building an audio streaming platform, i want to protect the audio files with drm. I found that an aws service called media package, but after reading through the documentation, all i can see is packaging for videos only. The question is, is possible to use aws media package to package audio files only ?

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Currently only HLS and MP4 (using .smil stream description) formats are supported as AWS Elemental MediaPackage inputs :

AWS Elemental MediaPackage needs to have video at its input to be able to package the content properly; you will to have some sort of dummy video in your stream that could be discarded downstream for audio only streaming to be possible to do with this service.

Also be sure to select a DRM provider that are able to protect audio content, most of them only protect video content :,


answered 3 months ago

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