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I did a lab on AWS elastic disaster recovery in my aws free tier account. After I was done with lab I cleared all the resources. But still a snapshot in name of EDR Recovery is being created everytime. Even when I delete it, it comes up again. I think it is because of replication setting. If anyone can suggest how to delete this replication setting it would be a great help

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Hello Nitish! I'm not sure if you've found the answer to your question yet, but I did want to give you some information that could explain why you're seeing the snapshot still. First, one question could be: How many snapshots does Elastic Disaster Recovery create? Answer: Point in Time (PIT) is a disaster recovery feature which allows launching an instance from a snapshot captured at a specific Point In Time. As source servers are replicated, Point in Time states are chronicled over time, while a retention policy will determine which Points in Time are not required after a defined duration.

Elastic Disaster Recovery has the following PIT state schedule: - Every 10 minutes for the last hour; - Once an hour for the last 24 hours; - Once a day for the last 7 days (or a different retention period, as configured).

You can increase or decrease the default 7 day snapshot retention rate from anywhere between 1 day and 365 days in the Replication Settings. Here is some more information on how to manage Point-In-Time retention >>

Hopefully this answers your question! Let us know if there is any more information you need! :) Thank you, Brian Anderson

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answered 10 months ago

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