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My Website is Down and I Don't Know How to Get it Back Up


My website, has been down for some time. It was originally built in 2019 and I have kept up to date on paying for hosting and such. I have spoken with the developer and she says it looks like it "has expired". How would it expire? I also checked with wordpress but they do not have access to my site as it was developed off of a remote version of wordpress. When I spoke with AWS, they stated everything looked ok on their end. Nobody seems to know what is happening. As I paid a lot of money to have the site created, it is very valuable and important for me to keep it live. Best, Natalie Lynn

  • Some questions that may help narrow down the correct resolution path:

    • Did you set up your AWS account, or did someone else set it up for you?
    • If you set it up, is your billing information up to date?
    • Can you log in to your AWS account where your site is running?
1 Answer

"Expired" doesn't seem to be the right word here. Your website is definitely not responding; but as per the comments above you (or someone) will need to log into the AWS account and look at the instance that hosts your site to determine what is wrong with it.

The AWS people (presumably support) that you spoke to can confirm that the environment and the instance is running; but that doesn't mean that it is functioning correctly. The support team (in fact, no-one) at AWS has access to your instance so it's something that needs to be fixed by someone with administrative access to it.

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answered 8 months ago

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