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Hi team, I just created a new account free tier and added a credit card for learning purposes, But I can't access to Cloud Shell console even I use root account to access it. When I access to cloud shell, I always get an error message "Unable to start the environment. To retry, refresh the browser or restart by selecting Actions, Restart AWS CloudShell." Could you guys help me in this case? I really appreciate that Thank and looking for your support.

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Looking at the troubleshooting document below, it looks like you need to contact AWS Support.

I think this is probably a problem with your AWS account, so you should open a case with "Account and billing" and inquire.
Inquiries under "Account and billing" can be made free of charge.

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answered 5 months ago
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  • Hi I also add my credit to this account so that I think it will charge me if i use the service right?

  • Often when you create a new AWS account, the provisioning may be left incomplete. Therefore, regardless of whether the credit card has been added successfully or not, there is a high possibility that the user cannot deal with the issue, so it is necessary to contact AWS Support for consultation. I recommend contacting AWS Support via "Account and billing", which is free of charge.

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