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Sagemaker Jupyter Studio Notebook public sharing


Hello, I want to use temporary created jupyter notebook to assess candidates (so i didn't want them to be authenticated). I looked at Sagemaker and found some how-to but when i'm creating Jupyter Studio Notebook i didn't find the "sharing" button.

Is this a new limitation ? maybe a wrong configuration, but i found nothing on the documet except this (which explain nothing ...)

And more than, is this possible to just share publicy a Sagemaker jupyter notebook.

Thanks in advance, Alexis

asked 3 months ago62 views
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Hi Alexis!

SageMaker Studio Notebooks can be shared between members (they will need to be authenticated) of the same Studio Domain in your AWS Account.

If you are assessing candidates, which need limited and AWS-unauthenticated access, I suggest you take a look at Amazon Sagemaker Studio Lab, which is a free simplified version of Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Your candidates could develop their Jupyter Notebooks in that environments and share the notebook file with you to open in your Amazon Sagemaker Studio environment.

Hope this helps you!

answered 3 months ago
reviewed 20 days ago
  • OK thanks. Studio Lab is not linked to an AWS account ? i see that I needed to request an account (the product is GA ?)

  • Exactly, this is not linked to an AWS account, and no credit card is needed, just sign up and start playing around. Yes! It is GA! Remember to accept the answer if it has helped you (^_^)

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