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ACM certificate validation pending with Route 53 hosted zone with parent domain in other DNS service


Hi, I'm trying to validate a public certificate requested from ACM with CNAMEs and *

In this case DNS-name is registered outside of Route53. I created Public hosted zone on Route53. For certificate validation I was able to add records to Hosted zone with AWS Console, after few hours validation is still pending.

I'm able to make http-requests to after adding IP for one of mentioned NS-records into my /etc/resolv.conf. Without this can't be resolved.

Might that actually be the reason why certificate validation is pending - ACM's doesn't resolve the hosted zone as it isn't available at DNS?

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On your external registrar, you must set nameservers to the values given by route53 in the NS records. It may take some times... You can check with a whois request:

answered 13 days ago

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