How to set/change the default consumer_timeout parameter in AWS MQ rabbitmq brokers?


Dear Support; we have switched our broker to AWS MQ rabbitmq, but we have realized that some of the tasks we execute have ETA longer than the default rabbitmq consumer_timeout parameter, which is set to 30 min for the rabbitmq broker version we use (3.9.16). Despite being easy to reconfigure the parameter locally using the rabbitmq.conf file or rabbitmqctl tool, I cannot find a way to set it via the broker's web console.

Could you let me know how to do that? I find it frustrating that such fundamental parameters cannot be tweaked easily.

PS. I have also found a thread stating I should open the case with Amazon MQ Support, so there you go.

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Hello there,

Kindly note that we(AWS) currently support the configuration of the consumer_timeout on Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ brokers. You may need to open a support case to Amazon MQ support from your AWS console Support Center and request for your broker to be configured with the desired consumer_timeout.

answered a year ago

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