rePost sites is incompatible with AWS organizations or personality?



I do not know if it is intentional... just dropping it here...

We added organizations to setup + SSO... I was surprised that when I logged in to rePost I got my user lost.

Are you aware that rePost is strongly coupled with a specific account so that I need to login into a specific organization unit in order to preserve my settings? What if I delete this organization unit? What if I manage multiple setups?

By a mistake I posted in another account, so now I have two rePost accounts... I could not find "account merge" functionality...

Where is there coupling between account# and person who interact in the community?


  • Hello again Alon,

    Our re:Post team heard you feedback on this experience and wanted to share an update with you. They've announced two new methods for authenticating to re:Post. You can now link multiple logins or sign in without using your AWS account. If you haven't had the chance, please check out the details here:

    If this solution isn't what you're looking for or you spot opportunities for improvement, we'd love to hear from you. To get the details reviewed for further consideration, please select the feedback button on the right side of the screen.

    Thanks again for raising your perspective on this!

    - John M.

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about any trouble this might've caused. Our teams value your perspective, which is why I've flagged your thoughts on this experience to our internal team for further review. For secure guidance on any account concerns, please open a case in the Support Center here:

Thank you,

- John M.

answered 5 months ago

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