Aurora PostgreSQL Major Version Upgrade Cancel/Postpone


Our timeline has shifted and I either need to cancel or postpone a major version upgrade and I can't seem to find a place in the management UI or aws cli to stop this from happening in the next maintenance window!

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The major version upgrades will not be done automatically. Only minor and patch version upgrades can be done automatically for RDS instances unless I am missing something. We can disable automatic minor version upgrade via Management console by modifying the RDS instance. Please see the screenshot.

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I understand that you want to cancel the upgrade scheduled for next maintenance window. There seems to be no standard way to cancel which is already scheduled. We can change the maintenance window to postpone a maintenance action by updating the maintenance value. Please see "Defer maintenance actions" section in this AWS repost for the detailed steps. Hope it helps!

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answered a year ago
  • Again this is a Major version upgrade. The console reports this pending change to the cluster, how to we stop this?

    "PendingModifiedValues": { "EngineVersion": "13.11" }

  • What is the current version of your instance?

  • If it is upgrading from 13.xx to 13.11, then it is still considered as a minor version upgrade. If the upgrade is from 13.xx to 14.xx, then it is a major version upgrade.

  • The current version is 12.15

  • Please see my updated answer. Hope it helps!

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