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How can i monitor LSN/CSM status on DMS tasks?


Hello Im trying to find which boto3 call should return the SCN/LSN number being processed by a given DMS. This is important to measure the delay / keep up of DMS with the origin server Reference: cant find it in DescribeReplicationTasks calls Where can i get this information? It would be nice to get it clean, insted of looking for string filtration in the logs THanks!

1 Answers

please note scn number being processed wont be available in api calls. You should be able to get them in DMS task cloudwatch logs and also if you set task setting "StatusTableEnabled": true under ControlTableSettings you should get a target table awsdms_status with required column SOURCE_CURRENT_POSITION

  "ControlTablesSettings": {
        "historyTimeslotInMinutes": 5,
        "ControlSchema": "",
        "HistoryTimeslotInMinutes": 5,
        "HistoryTableEnabled": false,
        "SuspendedTablesTableEnabled": false,
        "StatusTableEnabled": true,
        "FullLoadExceptionTableEnabled": false
answered a month ago
  • thanks for the info. Ill look closely. hopefully the AWS engieers give a look on this and make an API to collect this info instead of needing to parse strings for atomic information

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