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Visualizing amplify graphql definition


Is there any way I can easily visualise the amplify graphql structure in the form of a graph. Any service or tool will work. Being interactive will be a bonus. I have seen general graphql visualisers. But what I am looking for is something which takes care of the amplify directives as well.

asked 8 months ago61 views
1 Answer


Thanks for your patience as we worked with the Amplify team regarding your query.

The Amplify team informs us that they aren't aware of any third-party tool that can visualize the model schema with respect to Amplify specifically. The Amplify GraphQL transformer will convert the model schemas into a full GraphQL schema for use with AppSync, which a data visualizer like GraphQL Voyager or others listed in that article can be used on that, but nothing specifically for before the data is transformed.

answered 7 months ago

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