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Trying to setup a cloudwatch alert, to go to SNS to email me when a prefix list gets changed. But can't get any data. This is how I had the rule setup:

{ "source": ["aws.ec2"], "detail-type": ["AWS API Call via CloudTrail"], "detail": { "eventSource": [""], "eventName": ["CreateManagedPrefixList", "ModifyManagedPrefixList", "DeleteManagedPrefixList"] } }

is that correct? I think SNS part working, used a test msg and got that email. Seeing "Events FailedInvocations" on the CW monitor

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I believe what you configured is an EventBridge rule, not a CloudWatch alarm.
And the rules you set will react when "CreateManagedPrefixList", "ModifyManagedPrefixList", and "DeleteManagedPrefixList" occur in CloudTrail.
I tried it in my environment and was able to confirm that emails were sent via SNS.
I think it will take some time for the monitoring of EventBridge rules to be reflected.

Try actually creating or deleting a prefix list and recording the API history in CloudTrail.

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answered 18 days ago
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reviewed 18 days ago
  • oh yes, correct it is a evertbridge rule. Will it still work? I checked the cloudtrail logs event history and do see the events when searching for ModifyManagedPrefixList. I tried increasing/decreasing prefix size of an SG.

  • For your test, did u just create a CW alarm or EB? If CW, how did you set it up?

  • I created an EventBridge rule with the rule you shared. I haven't created any CloudWatch alarms. You can send emails using just EventBridge rules and SNS topics.

  • If you look at the actual EventBridge rule screen, the settings will look like the following. a

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