AWS Site to Site VPN - Manually Bring down a tunnel


Is there a way to bring down a Site to Site VPN tunnel manually? I want to test tunnel2

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2 Answers

To manually bring down an AWS Site-to-Site VPN tunnel, you can modify the VPN connection's static routes to force traffic to use the other tunnel. You can do this in the AWS Management Console:

  1. Navigate to VPC > Site-to-Site VPN Connections.
  2. Select your VPN connection.
  3. Go to "Static Routes" tab.
  4. Modify or delete the static route associated with the tunnel you want to bring down.

This will cause traffic to use the other tunnel.

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answered a year ago


If you are wanting to preserve the tunnel configuration, the best course of action would be to disable or change an option for phase1/2 such as your pre-shared-key, IKE version, etc. You can find these options in the public documentation for AWS site-to-site VPN tunnels here

answered a year ago
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