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/Unmount Linux File-systems Before Snapshot/

Unmount Linux File-systems Before Snapshot


I have an EC2 instance running ubuntu 20. I use several EBS volumes for ext4 file-systems. I want to backup the volumes with snapshots. Is it necessary for the snapshots to be taken while the file-systems are unmounted?

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Normally it depends on type of workload running on the Filesystem.

Without unmount, snapshot is crash consistent. Based on workload (e.g. database), quiescing it will give app/db consistent snapshot. Below are some good blogs to manage the snapshot process and crash consistent snapshot.

answered 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
  • Can be done w/o unmount but, at least in Linux, beware of disk caches. I find some files missing in restored snapshots, Also I found that it is leveraged by issuing a good ol' sudo sync before live snapshotting the volume.

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