Does Babelfish support XML? How can I use XML?


Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL allows Aurora to understand the SQL Server dialect. Does it support XML and XML data types? How can I deal with XML using Babelfish?

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Currently, as of Babelfish 1.2.1 (May 2022), Babelfish does not support most of SQL Server's XML functions. Babelfish is always adding new capabilities, so be sure to check back frequently.

You may wish to speak to your Amazon AWS Solutions Architect for guidance. In some cases, sample code that could assist in processing XML can be provided.

Many customers work around this limitations using a number of strategies.

  1. They write their own in-database functions to do the XML processing.
  2. They shred the XML client-side, ex: using .NET.
  3. They remove XML and instead use JSON or another type, which Babelfish 1.2.0+ has support for.

For a full list of what's supported, see differences between Babelfish and SQL Server in the AWS Docs.

answered 2 years ago

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