Latency, Timeouts only on Weekends ECS fargate & DynamoDB


We are observing High latency and connection timeouts on our Production service hosted on ECS Fargate which communicates to DynamoDB ( read and write operation are very frequent).

Infra Details: ECS: average Tasks on weekdays is 4, and on weekends is 2. DynamoDB: ProvisionedThroughput read, write capacity set to 5.

Average Hits to services Weekdays: 1.1M weekends: 150K

Looking for reason why this odd behavior on weekends(sat, sun) . Appreciate in Advance.

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For High latency and connection timeouts please check resource utilization on Service level/Task Level at particular time-frame. Also , check application logs and the destination service logs. Try workaround by replicating the same scenario with ec2 launch type and check the latency. This will allow to isolate the root cause of the issue. To further answer your question, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link [1].


answered a year ago

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