OpenSearch Service health status is green,Node status is NotAvailable。Why?


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Node Status in the instance health tab means the status of the AZ where the node belongs. We have released a new feature Multi-AZ with StandBy where the clusters are in multiple AZs with a StandBy AZ. For StandBy AZ, the node status is StandBy and for Active AZ the nodes status is Active.

As Multi-AZ with StandBy is supported for OpenSearch versions 1.3 and above. If our domain is having OpenSearch version less than 1.3 then we get NotAvailable status.

[+] Configuring a multi-AZ domain in Amazon OpenSearch Service -


I understand currently NotAvailable status in UI can be confusing. We are aware of this issue and UI update is being rolled out in phased manner for each region to provide clear information and avoid confusion.

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