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Unable to Upgrade EKS Control Plane or Managed Node Groups


I have an EKS cluster that is currently on v1.17 with a set of managed nodegroups on v1.16. I'm trying to upgrade both to v1.18, but I've run into a catch-22 problem.

To upgrade the control plane version to 1.18 the nodegroups must match the current cluster version (1.17), and upgrading the nodegroups to 1.17 results in an error ("Cluster's kubernetes version 1.17 is not supported for nodegroup. Minimum supported kubernetes version is 1.18"). Trying to create a new nodegroup results in the same error.

My question is: is there a way to get out of this situation and potentially upgrade both components syncronously or is this cluster simply stuck at its current version indefinitely? It seems problematic that clusters can get into this state in the first place simply because they weren't mnaually upgraded for a period of time.

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