InternalFailureException when trying to load turtle files from S3



I'm stuck with a problem
I try to upload public turtle data in Neptune and I constantly get the same error :
{"requestId":"xxxxx","code":"InternalFailureException","detailedMessage":"Failed to start load from the source s3://pubchem-rdf-data/data/gene/pc_gene.ttl"}

My data are in a S3 bucket s3://pubchem-rdf-data/data/gene/pc_gene.ttl
My Neptune cluster is up and running
I've setup a role for Neptune named "PubChem-NeptuneLoaderRole", first, with S3readOnly and now with S3FullAcess (in a desperate move). This role is attached to the Neptune cluster
I have setup the S3 endpoint on my VPC, "Full access policy" too

Here is the curl I execute

curl -X POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d
"source" : "s3://pubchem-rdf-data/data/gene/pc_gene.ttl",
"format" : "turtle",
"iamRoleArn" : "arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxx:role/PubChem-NeptuneLoaderRole",
"region" : "eu-west-3",
"failOnError" : "TRUE",
"mode" : "RESUME",
"parallelism" : "HIGH"

Really, I do not see what I miss / I've done wrong
It seems that the loader cannot access the S3 file (error is almost immediate) but i do not get the standard S3 errors
Any idea ?
Is there any way to get extra information on the error ?

Thanks guys

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1 Answer

OK, I've found out
Pb is the RESUME value
Not clearly indicated in the doc (at least I've not found) but this value in not supported when no previous load has been launched

answered 4 years ago

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